Are All Things Really Possible?

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Quiet whispers. I feel like I have actually been able to hear them this week. They’ve been there all along, but with no distractions I can hear more clearly. The Lord has brought certain people to my mind this week to either pray for privately or send an encouraging message. Amazing what even just a few hours of no phones or computers can do for the soul.

Checking Facebook and Instagram literally every 2 minutes had become an unhealthy habit and a bit of a compulsion. I announced on Monday on my personal Facebook page that our family would be shutting off our phones/computers/kindle by 8:00pm until the morning on week nights to eliminate distractions and just be present with each other.

In my post I said that if anyone saw me liking or commenting on posts that they better be yelling at me (LIKE IN ALL CAPS)!! I even asked for accountability and prayer with my women’s bible study group (I told you, it has become a compulsion), and I must say it’s gone over quite well this week.

I’ve woken up each morning with a clear mind and ready to start the day. I woke up that way today, too.  Except it was 3:00am! Not really the time I prefer to get up! Fought it for a while. Tossing and turning for about 45 minutes.

I finally picked up my phone to read my Bible app in the dark. 4:15am I decided to just get up and make some coffee. I wasn’t going to fall back asleep, so what’s the use in wasting time just wishing I would! (Good thing Stella still takes naps, because this mama will be napping, too!)

My morning devotion was titled “You Have Potential” using the “all things are possible with God” verse from Mark 10:27. The devotion was more about how each one of us has gifts and abilities. Even so, some of us sit on the sidelines of life because we don’t even know our gifts exist, but if we put our confidence in the Lord we’ll be free to live up to our potential.

The devotion was a good one and it brought some people to mind, but as I reflected on the Mark 10:27 verse and started journaling how the verse applied to me…I charted a different course than the devotion writer.

I realized I’ve struggled in the past with believing that ALL things are possible with God. Like it was just a phrase that I SAID I believed. (Anyone else out there?)

cancer! CANCER! Popping up everywhere.

A friend in my women’s bible study group had her cancer pop back up, and another friend’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and another friend’s dad has been treated for a rare form of male breast cancer.

Let me be real with you. The word CANCER scares me. Doubt floods me every time I hear it. When my dad was first diagnosed with rectal cancer in September of 2006, I would have told you I had all the faith in the world that he would be healed from his cancer.

Over the course of a few years the cancer came back several times…lymph node…lungs…liver.

Doubts crept in.

Not my dad, though. TREMENDOUS FAITH! He suffered and endured a lot over the course of 5 years and had faith until his last breath that Jesus would heal him. I am glad that he took his last breath believing that, because I can only imagine what Jesus said to him when he REALLY DID heal him and took him to his REAL HOME!

You know the worship song that goes, “I believe…that you’re my healer…I believe…that you are all I need…” That part always makes me cry. After losing my daddy to cancer I had guilt that I didn’t have enough faith that God would heal him here on earth.

But of course that’s what thedevil would want me to feel…GUILT…rather than rejoicing that he really WAS healed, is no longer suffering, is with our Savior, and I’ll get to see him again one day!

Foolish satan. Jesus IS healer! Whether the Lord chooses to heal the two people I mentioned before here on earth or with their new perfect bodies in their REAL home with Jesus, I know the battle is already won for both of them because they love Jesus.

I already believe that Jesus trumps cancer. But I’m also going to choose to believe that He CAN do ALL things…including healing here on earth!

I originally started designing this as an 8×10 for my friend to give to her mom…and this morning I thought I would offer a smaller version as a free printable. If you know of someone who is dealing with breast cancer, download this pink breast cancer awareness ribbon sized to fit the opening of a 4×6 frame to remind you to pray for that person or people in your life!

Note:  This is free for personal use only. Please do not reproduce my artwork to sell as your own. If you would like to offer this free printable to your friends and family, please link back to this post for them to download it! Thanks!

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  1. says

    That is such a lovely printable and such a wonderful and inspiring post. I do the SAME THING! Check facebook, instagram….. I actually scoff when there are no “new stories” to read!! SO sad! I’m going to try the no techo after 8pm(ish) thing too. :)

    • Eva Taylor says

      Thank you, Ami!! And I too, scoff when there are no new stories, HA!…maybe if I waited longer than 2 minutes to check then there would be! ;) Hope the no techno after 8pm is a blessing to you like it has been for us!!

  2. says

    This post gave me goose bumps. Cancer is such a scary word and has affected my family in so many ways. My dad was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia in ’09 and his chances were slim. The doctors said he had to have a stem cell transplant to survive, and even then, the odds would be against him. Finding a matching donor was difficult, but after a few months, one was found in the registry ( and my Dad is now cancer free! God performs miracles everyday and my family has experienced several. Cancer has taken several other relatives, so it is on my mind all of the time.

    As far as FB, email, etc. I’m a slave to technology. I’m working on it (sort of). I definitely need to create more family time, and less “let’s everyone get on their smart phones/iPads/laptops time”.

    Sorry this comment is so long. Proof that you inspired me!

    • Eva Taylor says

      Kim, thank you SO much for sharing that story about your dad! God surely does perform miracles. I’m so glad you stopped over to share testimony of that {it encouraged me!!}…and I’m glad you were inspired by my post. Coming over to check out your blog now :)

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